It’s the tallest and fastest city zip wire in the world….and means visitors can now experience London as they’ve never experienced it before.

Our capital city has just opened a brand new zip line that allows you to soar through the sky against the magnificent backdrop of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Shard.

The line is a staggering 35 metres tall – the height of eight double decker buses – and stretches for 225 metres across pretty Archbishop’s Park next to Lambeth Palace on the Southbank, parallel with the Thames.


Riders on Zip World London reach speeds of up to 50 kph – heartening to know that you’re travelling faster than anyone on the roads in the busy city at least.

Harvey and I tried it out with family friend Amber, pictured here in front of the novel new zip line.  We all agreed that you don’t feel like you’re speeding along – in fact once you’re off it’s refreshingly enjoyable and the beautiful views distract you from looking down and realising you’re higher than the surrounding trees.

It’s getting to the ‘off’ that’s the issue!  First you have to scale a staircase inside a 35 metre-high tower and hover on the platform at the top while staff check your safety equipment. Then you have to walk off the platform onto narrow steel steps – the hardest part for me . Lean back so the harness takes your weight…and leap off.

The rest is easy….just tower over the city and chill.  There are two parallel zip wires so you can zip with a pal – and compete to get down fastest – which adds to the fun.

Harvey and Amber agreed with me that although it wasn’t the fastest or longest zip wire we’d ever tried it was novel to do because of its location.  The London Eye may give you the fabs views – but you don’t get the ‘whoosh’ (or the terrifying steel steps).

If you fancy it you’ve only got until 1 October to try it out.  The team behind it is Zip World who have helped transform Snowdonia into an action-packed destination.  I’m hoping it’s the start of more Zip World escapades across the country.

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